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Olga Porter Studio
Olga Porter Studio
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Red Pot  48"x 70" oil on linen

El Disco Super Center  30"x 40" oil on linen

Farewell Sm (1).jpg

   “I am inspired by living,moving scenes. Shapes and forms stay suggested and open, leaving room for the viewer‘s interpretation. My intent is to capture an experience, a state of mind, rather than a mere likeness.What is impossible in real life becomes visually essential.“

Farewell 60"x 50" oil on linen

Cloister Gallery.jpeg
The way you capture the point of view of the moment, very expressive... almost as if each painting has a heartbeat.
Maidelys Rey, Houston realtor


Plein Air

Colorado plein air 1 sm.jpeg


19"x 12" oil on canvas panel

”…Born in Russia, Olga Nicolaevna Porter made brilliant studies of art which she continued in California and Texas. Her style could be described as neo-impressionist…but more openly figurative and perhaps sometimes with something oblique or Bukowskian. Her cityscapes quiver with life and her nudes are more expressive than sensual. It is without a doubt this authentic and uncompromising expressivity, which refuses embellishment and flattery, that lends some of her nudes an essentialist quality. I do not mean this term in the way some people apply it to art, but rather, that within the intricacies of Porter’s images, the occasional flirtations and near abstractions, the essential always emerges. Beautiful paintings!”

by Giulio-Enrico Pisani  of Zeitung vum Lëtzebuerger Vollek, Luxemburg

Panorama triptych

oil on linen 24" x 72"


Travis Street

40"x 30" oil on linen



36"x 36" oil on linen

Studio Visit Magazine

The Open Studios Press Vol 40 2018


nudes series removed to fit fb requirements,  moved to a designated site 
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